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ghost-indianapolisby Abigail Beal

When you think of Indianapolis, you realize this is a city rich with history and stories. To become a bustling state capitol, a lot has happened in Indianapolis.

But what many do not realize is that some former residents of Indianapolis haven't quite left yet. Perhaps they are still very attached to this very fine city; they just haven't had enough yet. Or like many ghosts, they feel that they somehow have some sort of unfinished business left to tend to. Indianapolis certainly has its share of hauntings.

Here are some stories that tell of hauntings in Indianapolis. You'll see that a haunting can happen just about anywhere to anyone. Whether rich or poor or young or old, we all can experience a haunting sometime!

It is said that the Old Central State Hospital is haunted. This state hospital was also known as the asylum. Ghostly figures of people that really are not there have been seen -- only to disappear from sight! Some people have even heard noises, like a patient screaming sometimes.

Hospitals are locations that are thought often to be the location for hauntings, especially older hospitals. It certainly makes sense that there would be hauntings discovered at the Old Central State Hospital, as it has quite a history. Many people were in and out of that location.

There is a ghost to be found near the Indiana State Fairgrounds. A little boy drowned in the creek near the fairgrounds. There is the "urban legend" that his older brother pushed him into the water and simply watched him die. People have been known to hear sounds of someone in the water when there is no one.

Ghosts are often thought to haunt the location that they died. This is especially true for ghosts who have been murdered or those who died in some sort of accident. It is thought that their death is unresolved business and that they still need to complete something in order to move on.

The House of Blue Lights is said to be haunted by the wife of the very first owner of this home. This beautiful mansion is one that has blue lights in windows and on the grounds -- giving its unique name. The "urban legend" says that the husband who lost his wife couldn't think of the idea of burying her, so he had a glass coffin created and placed in the tower on the top of the house. This way he could visit her every night.

Many ghosts are believed to be in a location because others will not let them move on. If the husband will not let go of his wife physically, then he most likely will not let go of her emotionally and psychically. This is probably holding on to her.

The witness to a Mafia murder was actually murdered himself on the way to court in the Indianapolis City Country Building in the 1960's. This man was killed in the elevator by the hit man, who had posed as one of the police officers guarding him on the way to court. People have been known to hear the sound of screaming in the elevator and some have said that they have seen a ghostly figure in the halls, thought to be the man who was shot on his way to court.

Some ghosts remain in the place that they die, reliving the experience of their death over and over. They themselves may not even completely understand that they are dead. So if others are hearing this ghost scream and walk the halls, it is possible that this man may not completely know that he has passed on. This thinking could be keeping this ghost trapped where he is without moving on.